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Urak Lawoi - Fishing Beyond The Point Of Return

When someone mentions fishing you must think of Sunday morning, some rods and a few fishing floats dancing in the water while fisherman sips a cup of tea. As you guys might know, there are many ways of fishing, and some of them are downright bad for our oceans, like blast fishing, bottom trawling... and some of them are downright crazy like the way Urak Lawoi (Sea Gypsies, indigenous people of Adang Archipelago ) do it. They use fish traps,...
September 29, 2018 No Comments

The Roy Lua - Floating Boat Ceremony

As I’m walking closer to the place where the Roy Lua Ceremony happens, I can hear the music louder and louder. I start imagining what atmosphere is like. My mind is not wrong.  Small food stands with some local food, children toys and alcohol scatter around a small concrete football field with a dance floor dominating the area. I take a look around and find a place where a skillful craftsman builds the ceremonial boat. I come closer to...
August 14, 2018 No Comments

How The Fire Almost Swallowed The Entire Phi Phi Island

Tropical paradise that almost became hell As I was making my way to my room I noticed a commotion. As this is the Phi Phi island, home to crazy parties and people who party hard, my first thought was that it had to be a brawl. As people ran I noticed there was a fire starting from a restaurant. At that moment, there was nothing to put out the fire with and when people finally came with fire extinguishers, it was already too late - the fire was...
February 7, 2018 4 Comments