My name is Miloš and I'm from Novi Sad, Serbia. In case you haven't figured this out yet, I am a diving addict. If you are one as well, good. If not, I'm sorry to say this but I don't need any help.

I was born at a very, very, VERY young age of my life at 23rd of January 1987. That might be the reason why I am not cold most of the time. Either that or because I'm fat.

Usually, people would start by talking about their education, which schools did they go, what degrees do they have but let's face it and be honest - who really cares about that?

I am a self thought web developer and really passionate (underwater) photographer.  No school has taken me to the point where I am now and instead of schools I went, I think it would be more fair to write down moments and people in my life which helped me and those who shaped the who am I now. But I'll skip that as well because I'm afraid I might leave someone out (or I might be too lazy to make such list... who knows).

So, what is to know about me? I'm a bicycle and motorbike lover, I am involved a bit in climbing, nature lover and a traveler. Photography is one activity I indulge from 2006  but finally I got some nice piece of equipment around 2013.

Two years later my friends introduced me to another world of photography - underwater photography. So, I started diving, I fell in love with it and now I spend (lots of) money on it. I travel to see the world and experience all of its colors and differences and explore everything from the most dangerous things to boring, regular tourist attractions.

In my opinion, that's the very meaning of life; to leave your mind open for every kind of experience. At the same time you need to guard your mind safely as it is very fragile thing and quite often people try to cram their own beliefs into it.

I will probably keep this page updated more when I think of something interesting to add. You probably haven't learned much about me from this text. And there is no need. I've just demonstrated how my (sometimes weird) mind works and I believe that does much better justice than knowing my history.